After School Program

The after school program will be starting back up on August 29th!  This year we have great activities planned that you will not want to miss!  We will be playing games, making crafts, participating in science experiments, and much more!  Every activity will allow students to have fun while learning valuable lessons and skills!  We will meet after school and have a great time until it ends at 6pm.  A bus route will be available for the students at the end of the day. 

Every two weeks we will start a new unit, where we will have a specific theme that we will explore more about.  Some topics include playing games from around the world, brainstorming on what the future might hold, and becoming detectives by uncovering mysteries! If you are interested, use the link at the bottom of this paragraph to sign up.  You can sign up for one unit, or multiple.  The list of units and names are on the sign-up sheet.  I look forward to having a fun time! ~ Haelee Saunders

Sign up here!