Cove High School is excited to introduce Online Forecasting to our students for next year's classes! Online Forecasting is different than Online Class Scheduling. Forecasting gives our students the unique opportunity to let us know what courses they would like to be taught. There are many new courses in our Course Catalog that our teachers have expressed an interest in teaching. After Online Forecasting, CHS Administrators will review these forecasting requests and then build our High School Class Schedule accordingly. This afternoon we handed out a CHS Course Catalog and a Forecasting form to our High School students. 8th grade students (next year's Freshmen) will receive these documents on Monday. These documents are also posted on our website. Please go through these documents with your student(s), and fill out the Forecasting Form. Have your student(s) bring this form to school with them next week by the due date listed on the form. Students will be entering these forecasting requests into StudentVUE next week (future Seniors = Tuesday, April 19th; Juniors = Wednesday, April 20th; Sophomores = Wednesday, April 20th; Freshmen = Thursday, April 21st). We are excited to introduce this new process to our students and give them the opportunity to tell us what classes they would like to take. We anticipate having almost all students locked into a class schedule before summer vacation.  If you have any questions, please contact Karen Moore (Registrar) at: