Two years ago this month, Cove School was entering into long-range planning and a review of the strategic plan.  Then came the governmental responses to a new virus which put all planning and even public meetings on hold.  Cove school will once again attempt to restart the process this winter.

It has become obvious that since the start of the pandemic, the projections for growth for Cove School have accelerated.  Despite significant reductions of out-of-district Charter students over the time period, enrollment has risen by 40 students and new addresses are being reported monthly.  Seems many are discovering what we already know—Cove is a wonderful place to live with a great school.  Despite plans to admit no additional Charter students for at least the next two years, local growth combined with robust opportunities for students and a near 100-year-old elementary school are driving facilities challenges.

Beginning with a review and possible revision of the Strategic Plan developed in 2018, the desired outcome is to set a series of measurable objectives for the next two years.  Simultaneously, the district and community will also be considering a long-range capital plan driven by such factors as a facilities assessment, growth and need projections, the strategic plan, and community input. 

This process will involve the school board, school administration, staff, and at least 10 other community members.  A series of evening meeting will occur over a three-month time-frame from late January through March with the first meeting scheduled for January 25th.   If you have an interest in participating, please sign-up he HERE . Also fell free to give me a call or send an email with any questions or suggestions you may have regarding the process. ~ Earl Pettit, Superintendent