Repair Cafe'

Repair Café Tuesday, March 10 4:30—7:30 pm Cove High School Shop Sponsored by Greater Oregon Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Hub Oregon Community Foundation and Cove School District! Contact Donna Rainboth for more information A Repair Café is a community of volunteers who meet to repair household electrical and mechanical devices, tools, clothing, etc. The objectives are to reduce waste, teach repair skills and strengthen community. This is a festive event where you can meet others who are also interested in repairing items rather than discarding them. Everyone is welcome to attend. You do not need to be a resident of Cove. At the Cove Repair Café volunteers will work with you to repair small appliances or lamps, offer basic furniture repair, mend garments, sharpen simple tools, teach basic electrical wiring skills and set up cell phones and laptops. What to Bring • Broken items and any replacement parts you think you might need. We will have some on hand • Curiosity, patience and a DIY attitude. • We make simple repairs to garments and other textiles, such as sewing on a button or mending a tear, or seam. No alterations. Things to Remember • We are all volunteers! Please be kind and generous. • Clothing and other garments need to be clean. • We will do our best to fix your item in 30 mins. If it’s too complex, we may not be able to complete it. • Participants are served on a first come, first served basis. • If you bring multiple items, we can work on one at a time. Time permitting, we can try to do another. Our goal is to create an enjoyable event and assist as many people as possible. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to turn away any repair.