Cove's Robotics Team did an excellent job at the Super Qualifier in Hood River this weekend.  There were some very sophisticated robots that could use cameras to identify objects seen on the field and react autonomously.  They could also make some pretty amazing stacks in a minute and a half.  Our team had a few technical difficulties, but managed to win three out of 5 qualifying matches, and did a great job creating an Engineering Notebook that describes their trials and tribulations throughout the year. 

The State Tournament will take place at Liberty High School in Hillsboro on March 14th and 15th, and our students are excited to go compete with some of the previous World Champions that regularly come out of Oregon.  (That's right...WORLD Champions.)

A video the students made about our robot:

This is a live stream of the event.  Fast forward to about 3:10:00 (They started it while all of the judging and presentations were happening off screen.)