25 years

Ted McBride’s tenure as the Cove School District Music Teacher will come to an end as he has announced his retirement following the completion of the 2023 academic year.  Mr. McBride began his career in Adrian in 1990 as the K-12 Music Teacher.  After leaving Adrian in 1996 he had a brief stay as the Principal/Director at a Private school in Vale, Oregon.  Along with his Administrative duties he also coached basketball and found ways to continue to serve his students and community.  

When the opportunity to come back to the District he graduated High School from, he took it and began what has been 25 years of service in the Cove School District.  Since 1998 Mr. McBride has shouldered the task of providing high quality music instruction and opportunities for students.  Throughout his time in Cove, Mr. McBride has carried long standing traditions of the community, including the K-12 Christmas Program, and May Day.  He has also coached middle and high school basketball as well as soccer for several years.  His interests include hunting, fishing, spending time with grandchildren, and continues to be active in the music & arts community.  

The Cove School District and community wish Mr. McBride nothing but the best in his future endeavors and thank him for his years of dedication to our students.   

Thank you Mr. McBride for all you have done for the Cove community.