Cove School District #15 Campus Conceptual Masterplan

Cove School District #15

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Bond Information & FAQ

Following two years of careful study, input sessions with community and staff members, and the development of a detailed long-range plan; the Board has indicated its intent to run the first bond election in decades for the district this May.

The purpose is to address the rapid growth within the district by adding an additional building to the campus.  The building will be a new Kindergarten through 6th grade facility while the existing elementary building is slated for subsequent renovation for use by the junior/senior high school.

While already crowded, current growth projections put the district-only student enrollment above the physical capacity of the current building as early as 2030. 

Recognizing that the school’s charter status is a choice, the district has excluded ANY data of charter students from all projections—the identified need is ONLY inclusive of in-district students.

The Cove School in-district enrollment has risen by over 100 students in the past six years—a 62% increase.  Expecting to double that starting number from 2016 during the upcoming decade, the Cove School Board has carefully planned in a way which allows maximum facilities improvement dollars from the state while also paying a portion with district saved funds.

The result is that the district plans to fund well less than half this new school building through borrowing (bonding)—not a common approach when addressing school construction.  Adding classroom space for students addresses a clear need for the upcoming decades and has been carefully considered to fill a true need.

Dispelling Rumors:

-The district is not tearing down the current elementary building.  The District has planned a major renovation of the building to gain Junior/Senior High School classroom space.  No demolition of the historical building is planned as the facilities assessment revealed the most cost-effective move for the district is renovation.  This renovation should commence when the elementary students occupy the new building.

-The district has no plans to eliminate the little league ball field.  The district will relocate the little league baseball field to the HS campus that includes a new and much improved backstop and base path.

-The district is not building a new school to bring in more out-of-district charter students.  All growth planning projections have excluded any counting of “charter students” and ALL capital planning has been exclusive to serving in-district students.  Cove district is growing and we have gained over 100 students in-district over the past 6 years (62% growth in this span).

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