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District Volleyball

District Volleyball will be hosted this year at Cove Saturday, October 25th come cheer on your Leopard Girls!! Games start at Noon!!!!

Cove High School Assistant Boys Basketball Coach Position

Application Deadline:  4:00 pm October 30, 2014

Start Date:  November 17, 2014

Salary:  $1,500-$2,000.

Application Procedures:

Please mail applications to:
Cove School District
PO Box 68
Cove, OR 97824

Maintenance/Custodian Job Postition Opening

The Cove School District is searching for candidates to fill the full time Maintenance/Custodian position.  It is preferred that candidates have a strong background and knowledge in maintenance procedures, keeping buildings and premises neat and clean, keeping all walkways safe, and keeping fields and lawns watered and groomed.

Application Deadline:  4:00 pm Oct. 27, 2014

Start Date:  Nov. 17, 2014

Application Procedures:

Please mail application packet to:
Cove School District
PO Box 68
Cove, OR 97824


Just a Reminder to not park in the Bus areas in front of the Elementary School and the loading area in front of the parking lot of the High School. The buses need to be able to pull in and out.

Thank you!

Cross Walk

Parents PLEASE remind your children to use the cross walk. There has been alot of students and parents crossing the road before and after school. Use the cross walk for safety. Thank you we appreciate it!

No Personal Devices Allowed on School’s Wireless

Our position is “No personal devices may be connected to the school’s wireless.” It does not matter if you have found a way to get the password or not. We will monitor classrooms and hallways for use of personal devices and check the system from time to time. If a student logs onto our network, they will receive an in-school suspension for insubordination.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Cove School

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