Welcome To Our District


Together with parents and the community, Cove School District will assist each student in developing the skills needed to become successful, self-sufficient and forward thinking citizens who contribute responsibly to their local and global community.

It is the Board’s desire to provide a rigorous curriculum which prepares students for the 21st Century.

The Board believes:

1. The family is the primary influence in the development and education of the child;

2. It takes the total community to raise a child;

3. Learning is an active, lifelong process;

4. The school is responsible to provide continual opportunities for student success;

5. Every individual is unique and important;

6. A student’s attitude and self-image are key factors in his/her educational success;

7. Quality teaching demands innovation, collaboration and continual professional development.

Cove School District Values:

1.Safe, caring and respectful school environments where each person feels like they belong.

2.High expectations for all.

3.Everyone provided the opportunity to reach maximum potential.

4.Open, honest and timely communication.

5.Relevant learning experiences inside and outside the classroom that foster integrity, courtesy, responsibility, critical thinking, perseverance, teamwork, communication skills, current technology skills, leadership development and problem solving.

Cove Charter School strives to provide a superior educational environment that will prepare our children to be highly successful in whatever vocation they choose.  This is accomplished through:

  • High academic standards
  • Small class sizes
  • Highly engaged staff that develops strong relationships with their students
  • Outstanding use of technology throughout the curriculum and instruction
  • Innovative solutions