Title I staff

  • Tara Thomas: Reading Specialist. tara.thomas@covesd.org | 541-568-4424
  • Teresa Aguilera: Instructional Assistant

What is Title I

  • Definition: Title 1 is a federal program that offers supplemental funds to qualifying schools.
  • How eligibility of Title I dollars is determined: The eligibility of a school to receive Title 1 services is determined by the number of students receiving free or reduced cost meals.

What do Title I Funds Provide

  • What Title I money is spent on: Reading Intervention, Supplies and Materials, Parent Involvement Activity Nights, and Professional Development for Teachers.

Goal of Title I/Cove School

  • To ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to obtain high quality education and reach proficiency on state academic achievement standards.


  • Teachers have access to and are trained in a variety of research based curriculums. Their selection of curriculum and strategies are driven by assessment to ensure individual student needs are being met.

Assessment/How Students Qualify for Title I Services

  • K-3 students are assessed and identified using research based assessment tools (EasyCBM and DRA)
  • Those students that fall in the 10th percentile or lower qualify for service, if no students should fall in the 10th percentile or lower kids are then identified at the 25th percentile and below.
  • Qualifying students receive 30 min. of small group direct instruction 4 days a week that is different and in addition to their core instruction.

Dismissal/Exit of Services

  • Students can be dismissed from Title Services once they have mastered the 50th percentile/grade level reading standards.