Beginning June 14th, the district will serve up to 40 current K-5 students following the first of seven thematic units (the remaining 6 will be delivered as the after-school program next year). Kids may participate in any or all of the three 10-day units under the first theme, Kick Off the Fun!, with units Young Olympians (June 14-29), Fall Into Fun (June 30-July 15) and Leopards Give Back (July 19 through the program conclusion on August 3).  While it may be slightly modified for Cove, you may see the entire curriculum plan for each unit by clicking on the unit name above. 

Each day, students will participate in organized physical activities, engage in free reading or artistic activities of their choosing, and complete a Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic, and/or Math (STEAM) oriented task aligned with the mission and goals of Cove Charter School. 

The program will run from 8:30 to 11:30, Monday through Thursday at Cove Elementary School. While a light snack will be available, there is no transportation nor food service support for this summer program. Parents must bring their kids and pick them up daily. With instructional support from other adults, the lead staff member for each age group are Lacey Baird for grades K-2 and Tricia Tucker for grades 3-5. Each age group will be limited to 20 participants and admittance to the first unit will be based upon order of sign-up. Units 2 and 3 will be prioritized to admit those unable to get into a previous session and if space allows parents register for any until its start date. Parents will be notified of their child's acceptance status via the email used at registration within two business days following registration.  As this program aligns with the mission and goals of the school and the grant funding was received, there will be no charge for participation. 

This program is limited to and open to all currently enrolled (20-21) Kindergarten through 5th Grade Cove Elementary Students.  

Please contact Earl Pettit, Elementary Principal, or Kelsey Stitzel, School Secretary, with any questions.