Booster Club meets the FIRST Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Cove High School.

The mission of the Cove Leopards Booster Club is to provide supplemental financial and volunteer support for all Cove School District #15 activities. The Booster Club consists of a group of parents, volunteers and administrators who by working together wish to encourage good sportsmanship, school spirit and a positive connection between all students K-12, faculty, staff, parents and the community.

Booster Club Board Members

President Deb Hansen
Vice-President Kim Svaty
Secretary Tricia Tucker
Treasurer Dian Frisch
Upcoming Fundraisers: 

Check out the apparel that you can purchase to support the Cove Leopards. We have some new and very cool items available! 



For apparel questions or to order, contact: Deb at 541-561-1602 or JeanAnne at 541-805-8958


Each year the Cove Booster Club offers one (1) $500.00 scholarship to a Cove School senior who will be attending a trade school, vocational-technological training school, community college, or 4-year college or university. The senior must meet Booster Club qualifications and their parent(s) must be paid members of the Cove Booster Club no later than December 31st of the current school year.

This award will be given based on a combination of the following elements: GPA (no minimum required), number of years student attended Cove High School, extracurricular and community service activities, academic or vocational plans and career goals and how Cove School experiences have taught you to better value sportsmanship, school spirit, and the connection between your school, your family, and your community in relation to the Cove Booster Club Mission Statement.

The scholarship recipient will be announced at the Cove High School awards ceremony.

Scholarship Application