Cove High School: First Day of School Information

Students & Parent/Guardians,

If you are able to view your schedule in your StudentVue account this is your most updated class schedule.  Please continue to check over the weekend if you cannot view it at this time.  We appreciate your efforts and patience this summer in registering for your classes and communicating your requests.  As previously communicated, the schedule was subject to change and there were minor changes made based on areas of need.   If you have not registered for classes and/or are a new student to the district, please go directly to the high school office.  The doors will open at 7:30am and classes begin at 7:50 am.  We understand students may be arriving in class after the bell because they are receiving their schedule and handbook and will not be marked tardy/absent.

For Monday, your first stop will be to pick up your class schedule from Mrs. Moore and Mrs. McBride along with the 2021-2022 Student/Parent Handbook.  They are located in the main high school building.  If your first period is not in the main high school building please pick up your schedule/handbook from the high school.  Once you have received these items please go to your first period class as assigned on your schedule.  Please review the handbook and turn in the signed copy that you have had the opportunity to read and review the handbook.  Please turn the signed form into the office by the end of the week (8/26) Also, you will get a form for open campus privileges that must be signed by your parent/guardian and turned into the office for open campus privileges.

Requests for class changes will begin Monday 6th period and 7th period with a meeting with Mrs. Murchison and finalizing of the schedule with Mr. Clark.  The schedule for meeting Mrs. Murchison and Mr. Clark will be as follows:

Seniors: 8/23  6th period

Juniors: 8/23  7th period

Sophomores: 8/24  6th period

Freshman: 8/24  7th period

Please know that you have been placed in classes based on your grade level core classes required for graduation based on your cohort year.  You may be placed in classes that you do not prefer; however, they are classes that you have been placed in based on your individual academic needs.  We are excited to support your academic journey!     

If you would like to make a change to schedule request, please email Mr. Clark ( to be placed on the schedule to meet with Mrs. Murchison on your assigned day based on the request for class change schedule.